The Cockney Rejects

The Cockney Rejects exploded onto the scene in 1979 and grabbed the industry quite literally, by the throat. These four kids from London's East End were nothing like the middle class art students who faked proletarian credentials to create the punk movement. They were, in fact battle hardened veterans of the streets, smoky boxing clubs, and West Ham's bearpit terraces, with experiences beyond their tender years.

They were the first and original band to weld driving rock rhythms to terrace singalongs, and they crashed out of the East End like a demented freight train, flattening everything in their path. The stories of ultra-violence, mayhem and madness are well documented, which culminated in the vicious "battle of Birmingham" which effectively put paid to the band as a touring unit.

But the searing soundtrack they created refused to die, and with young US bands such as Rancid, Green Day and the Dropkick Murphys citing the band as major influences, they became a cult to a new generation. Older and wiser, the Cockney Rejects now tour the globe igniting audiences worldwide with their white hot live set, uniting kids from four corners of the earth with their particular brand of rock'n'roll and West Hammery.

East End Babylon is their story.